Loyalty is Hiring
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Over the past decade, Loyalty® has set the standard locally and nationally within the professional in-home pet care
industry. Our stability and record of safe service to the intense Northern Virginia community are peerless and unsurpassed.  
We recognize that our employees are the soul of our business and choose to surround them in a culture of integrity, honesty,
and respect in word and in action.  We refuse to waver on our commitment to sustainable, living-wage positions in a
community with an intensely challenging cost-of-living.  We are proudly force-free, holistically-focused humans who
champion of the importance of our human-animal relationships and we seek to grow our tribe!  Explore our current openings
below to learn more about a full-time career or part-time supplemental income gig with the Loyalty Team!
the loyalty TEAM
Are you a calm, quiet and kind soul who prefers the company of animals?  Do you strive for
sunshine, green trees, exercise and fresh air over the corner office?  Are you comfortable
with driving to many destinations per day?  Do you thrive when your settings and
experiences change rapidly?  Are you an enthusiastic communicator?  Do you crave a
sense of belonging with those who share your values of trust, hard work, dependability and
delivering a higher quality of care for companion animals and their very important
humans?  We want to know we aren't alone!  What are you waiting for - reach out and
explore the possibilities!  Our positions are employee-based, part time, full time and
seasonal; compensation is commensurate with experience and starts at more than double
minimum wage for Virginia.

A reliable & insured automobile under your name.

A valid & current Virginia Drivers License.

A smartphone you are willing to use for work purposes.

A passion for the outdoors.

Strength and stamina for walking many miles per day and carrying up
to 40lbs.

A safe driving history, should you be considered for employment you
will be asked to submit to an extensive background check which
includes - but is not limited to - your driving records.
Calm, quiet and kind disposition for the pets

Calm, open and caring disposition for the people

An open mind with a thirst for knowledge

Dependability, reliability, presence

An affinity for the joy of hard work

Caregivers soul